Drake Feat. Lil Wayne – “The Real Her”


Carte Blanche X New Drake Feat Lil Wayne “The Real Her”

The Internuts got their hands on Drake’s “The Real Her,” which may irk listeners who aren’t fans of R&B Drizzy. The mellowed tune sounds like a successor to “Houstonalantavegas” or maybe the sequel to the more recent track, “She Will,” if you want to view it at as a shift from the dancefloor of the party to closer, quieter quarters. Whatever the case, “The Real Her” is definitely an OVO love affair as Drake croons a tune directed at one of his many musical muses and Weezy comes through reciting lines that walk the fine line between simpin’ and pimpin’ before he decides accept a one-night stand. We may chide the YM brothers for the soft songs but they tend to make stronger, catchier love songs than most R&B singers because the two rappers have mastered melody and delivery and made the formula adaptable to whatever genre they choose to apply the techniques.

No official word on whether “The Real Her” will make Take Care or not.

Listen & Download


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