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Versace for H&M Men’s 2011 Fall/Winter Collection

Carte Blanche X Versace for H&M Men’s 2011 Fall/Winter Collection:

Offered up is a further look into the collaborative venture between retail giant H&M and Italian powerhouse of Versace. Infusing Versace’s eccentricity and masculinity, the result is an extensive range of menswear clothing that features bold colors, tropical and animal prints. Encompassing jackets, shirts, trousers, undergarments, shoes and accessories, expect these to hit the shelves on November 17 at H&M stores around the world.


New Music: Young Jeezy “.38″

Carte Blanche X Young Jeezy New Music “.38”

Jeezy gave us a quick listen to this during the Def Jam conference call earlier today and now DGB comes through with it in it’s entirety. TM 103, December 20th.

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Drake Take Care Trailer

Carte Blanche X Drake Take Care Trailer:

We are getting closer to the release of Drizzy’s sophomore album and until then, here is a trailer for the project. Take Care, November 15th.

Carte Blanche X ASAP Rocky “Out Of This World” Polo Grounds Music/RCA’s newest artist ASAP Rocky is prepping his LiveLoveA$AP project and gives us a new record to hold us over.

Carte Blanche X ASAP Rocky “Out Of This World”

Polo Grounds Music/RCA’s newest artist ASAP Rocky is prepping his LiveLoveA$AP project and gives us a new record to hold us over.

Heir Jordan LifeStyle Teaser –

Carte Blanche X Heir Jordan Lifestyle Teaser:

Growing up in the shadow of their father – legendary athlete, Michael Jordan – Marcus and Jeffrey Jordan have been at the center of many curious discussions surrounding their upbringing and lifestyle. The teaser video shown here gives us a glimpse into the forthcoming website, a lifestyle focused website that will cater to the exclusive personal content, questions and subjects that have followed the two brothers growing up. While much is still to be announced about the site’s content, one can’t help but assume that it will play host to plenty of sneakers and other Jordan brand lures.

New Music: T.I. x Pharrell “Here Ye, Here Ye”

Carte Blanche X T.I X Pharrell “Here Ye , Here Ye: This song here is dope!

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Pink Dolphin Clothing Fall 2011 Lookbook

Carte Blanche X Pink Dolphin Clothing Fall 2011 Lookbook: @PinkDolphinCo

Pink Dolphin is a unique and ingenious clothing line embodying exclusivity.  The founders’ vision was to create a clothing line where every piece was limited to keep from saturation on the streets. In doing so, every season since launch has been stocked with a limited quantity of articles that were only pressed one time.  As the brand continues to build upon itself, we want to thank our supporters for believing in the brand and supporting our message.

Remember – we are all Legends+At+Our+Craft.

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David Beckham: Journey to L.A. Preview

Carte Blanche X David Beckham Journey to L.A. Preview:

English icon David Beckham‘s passion for soccer and fashion has allowed him to achieve almost everything on and off the field. Off the field, the LA Galaxy midfielder’s awareness and interest in fashion has propelled the former England captain into one of the most recognizable men on this planet. Next week, we’ll be debuting a short multi-part series which chronicles Beckham’s progressions in fashion and soccer from Manchester to Madrid and Milan, and finally to his current destination in Los Angeles.

Wale Ft. Kid Cudi – Focused

Carte Blanche X Wale Ft. Kid Cudi – Focused: 

While I’m glad they’re well past their days of bickering, I really hoped Kid Cudi was going to rap alongside Wale on “Focused,” their much talked about audio olive branch. Instead, Cudi f*cks with Wale musically only slightly, keeping his services limited to chorus duties. Dah well. Definitely not going to push the track aside just yet because it could very well fit into the context of Ambition

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Kendrick Lamar "RIGAMORTIS" Official Video

Carte Blanche X Kendrick Lamar “RIGAMORTIS” Official Video:

When rigor mortis occurs within a corpse, its muscles tighten, causing the body to become stiff and very difficult to move. The chemical reaction makes all blood gravitate to the areas of the body that are closest to the ground, leaving colorful spots as an indication of life that once existed. As the soul escapes, toxins remain causing the corpse to rot and decompose. This is the fate that Kendrick Lamar has deemed onto the competition, more commonly known as your favorite rapper. Amen!

Death can be so beautiful at times. Boasting bars as mad as Marilyn Manson, one grim rapper emerges to hold hip hop ransom. Hailing from Compton, Los Angeles, one of America’s most neglected graveyards, Kendrick yields his sickle (ballpoint pen) to pry open the caskets of lyricism, musicianship, and tradition. The emcee, once known as K. Dot, hence displays an heir of irony in his verses, murdering the fraudulent with the same weapon used for shedding light on realness.

Section 80 was released in the first week of July and continues to receive steady rotation from barbershop stereos to iPods on college campuses. A clear game changer, his debut album is dynamic in the sense that it brings forth the story of a generation incubated in the years of Reaganomics, while projecting the rebellious voice of a youth discontented by society’s harsh inflictions.

Directors, The ICU caught up with Kendrick Lamar at various locations throughout New York City to shoot this highly anticipated video off of Section 80. Accompanied by a triumphant three piece brass section, this funeral procession is not a mournful event, but rather a triumphant proclamation for a resurrecting art form. Shwag!