Carte Blanche 3 Most Stylish Hip-Hop Producers Right Now

1. Kanye West

Don’t act surprised. Yeezy has successful sneaker collaborations with two of the biggest brands, Nike and Louis Vuitton. He also debuted his first womenswear collection at Paris Fashion Week this year. And once he wears something, it’s a co-sign which immediately becomes a trend in hip-hop and on the streets. There’s no denying Kanye is the number one most stylish producer right now.

2. Pharrell Williams

Along with being one of the most sought after producers, Skateboard P has been named “Best Dressed Man” in countless publications. With a highly successful clothing brand like BBC/Ice Cream on his resume, how can we put him any lower on the list? His eye for style is unique, and his collaborations with all type of brands from G-Shock to Hermes are all super dope.

3. Swizz Beatz

When it comes to style, Swizzy is a true renaissance man. While still making hits, he has managed to pick up art collecting, painting, shoe design, fashion design and even turned into the VP of Creative Design for Lotus cars. Plus, he has a mean leather jacket collection.



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