Flatbush Zombies “Thug Waffle”

Carte Blanche X Flatbush Zomies “Thug Waffles”

I’ve known about these guys since late last year due to all their pictures being all over Tumblr. I never knew their actual names until I seen the video about a week in a half ago. I wasn’t gunna put anybody on because theirs no need for extra “HypeBeast”. But this time next year the name Flatbush Zombies may very well be well solidified in the mouths of bloggers, editors, and the musically curious globally. Directed by Luke Monaghan with SLAMXHYPE favorite Tone serving as DP “Thug Waffle” is the first taste the world is given of the group in a visual format, and indicates the true energy of the duo in a beautifully shot, well styled video. Looking forward to seeing / hearing much more from the Flatbush boys.


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