Carte Blanche X GITA SPEAXDAILY X “Hood Rich” Video

“Coming out of the Bay Area in Oakland, GITA is taking the rap game by storm. Moving to NY, this drone bitch found herself doing even bigger things and building her fanbase in and around America”.

Just Yesterday the homie Lunch Money sent me a email to check out this new artist GITA. As I click the link to her newest video “Rich Girl” and not even a minute into it I instantly fall in love with her shwag. 90’s baby just like I she brings this new style to NY via Oakland where she’s originally from. I see big things in this girls future!!! By this time next year hopefully you guys like her as much as I do.

Check out her newest video “Hood Rich” below & interview she did with CapitalCool.

cc:Besides all the Trappin,mobbin and bustin lights out? who is GITA?

GS:Damn I’m so Gansta lol,  Gita is a Hyper,Rebellious,Defiant,American Physcho  Christian Bale,the missing Spice Girl w/a balance of  Confucius from the “Han Dynasty”.
 CC: Why and when did you move to NY?

GS: I came to NYC for the first time ever in 2009 December 8th  and remember looking out my airplane window thinking NY buildings were sprinkled with glitter. My trip was a month visit only  that had got turned into a permanent move. This got confirmed over brunch at “Coffee Shop” with a Trust Fund baby and an Airhead!

CC:   how has the transition been so far from the Bay?

GS: leaving the Bay Area was hard cause it is my comfort zone. My blood runs in every corna of oakland. I was living in Uptown Filmore thinking ” Wow bitch your really fucking moving to New York Hoe, well fuck it at least where your going will have electricity lol. Spanish food is a diet that makes dat ass phat “Hello JLo”! Delicioso
CC:What inspires you the the most to do what you do?sex or money?
GS: Both, It’s just what Generation Y run’s on even though were labeled echoe/liberal children, but love “exploitation” like no other were artsitcally fucked and it’s beautiful.Sex can be deep like an art interpretation of a Monet painting or something. Money can be personal as Tony Montana seeing Manny with Gina you know?

CC: whats your Affiliation to Ghe20 Ghothik and Venu$ X?

GS: I’ll say that Venus is more than just an exoctic face  and that’s a rarity from Ny to Hollywood. When I came to   NY people showed me love on the block anyday, but when it came  to me expanding my social circle away from the block  no one really showed me love like she has,Salute. My first show everwas at Ghe20 Ghothik, headliner was Memphis Finest “Gangsta Boo”  plus a saucy act “Asap Ferg”.I pulled out the Mink for this one cause my Cherry got popped with the baddest movement of our time, proud to be apart of it.

CC: Whats next?
GS:Working on being Bi-coastal again. I used to be in Miami one day  than LA the next. I like living coast to coast living out my suitcase is not an issue I consider myself pretty nomadic. Staying in one place can be a “Yawn”.

CC: Where do YOU see the Future of GITA?
GS:Gita is into understanding the world around her, and that’s never ending. I havea long way to go from here, I accept. I’m in my growing stages from a stinky Daisy turning into a California Poppy that becomes someone’s fix eventually. It would be nice to meditate in the Himalayans soon and have a pet Giraffe.

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