Artist Of The Week: Chief Keef “Bang”

Chief Keef is a 16-year old rapper who recently parlayed stifling local hype — just check out the “most popular” sidebar on Chicago hip-hop hub Fake Shore Drive — into bigger national looks, most notably a lengthy Gawker profile. He’s another rapper whose grassroots success, which at this point in time is measured in page views and downloads, is the product of a devoted, spirited fanbase and the lightning transfer of the Internet. He’s caught the attention of Soulja Boy — who eventually recorded a remix of “3hunna” — and I’m guessing others aren’t far behind (Soulja eventually signed Keef to his SODMG imprint). “I Don’t Like” is the latest track making the rounds, its raw gristle of a beat a natural playground for Chief Keef’s staccato, earworm-y flow. It’s from his most recent mixtape, Back From The Dead, which came out a few weeks ago. Watch the video below.

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