Apple’s Next Generation iPhone – 5 Rumored Features

While we were excited about the iPhone 4 S launch, especially because of the improved camera, we are still not convinced an upgrade from the iPhone 4 is absolutely necessary. Sure the 4 S is better, but with the iPhone 5 not too far away, a lot of you are probably waiting.

As usual, when it comes to new Apple products, the rumor mills never stand still. Today we report about 5 features that the next generation iPhone will apparently come with and those sound very promising to us already.

  • A New Metal Body : apparently the new iPhone 5 will be housed in a liquidmetal (the commercial name for an alloy of titanium, zirconium, nickel, copper, and other metals) body
  • A Larger Screen: rumors are that the screen could go from 3.5 inches to 4.6 inches, which would be a massive increase. Considering the screen sizes of the latest Android phones, we have no doubt that Apple will increase the screen size. By how much exactly we still have to see.

Check out the other 3 new features after the jump.


  • Less Glass: the new display will feature a new type of glass that will also reduce the depth of the phone by quite a bit
  • 4G LTE: we have seen it on the new iPad, so it should definitely come with the new iPhone
  • iWallet: your phone comes a credit card

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