CλЯŦΞ BLДИCHΞ “₡BMG” X GITASPEAXDAILY “Shwag You The Fxçk Out Interview”

Carte Blanche X GITASPEAXDAILY “Shwag You The Fxçk Out Interview”

4 months ago the homie Gita’s “Hood Rich” Video was first released, now at 37,000 views and her following increasing at a rapid rate Carte Blanche sits down and get a shwag’d out interview from the rising talented artist herself. Follow us on Twitter @GITASPEAXDAILY @SpaceCheefo

SpaceCheefo: Name, age, tell me a little about you?                                                                                                                                             Gita: I am a sweet 21 year old, moved to NYC at 19 to Westside Harlem. I think like a nuerotic warlord and I love collecting toys.

SpaceCheefo: Where you from?
Gita: Oakland Dirty Thirties that is the East side.
SpaceCheefo: What’s your favorite name brand?
Gita: I have waaayyyy too many, but I’ll give you one that I fell in love with
recently Gerlan Jeans all her clothes are uber bright which goes great with my attitude:). I wore her
Slime Mall Witch clothes to my Milk Studios party, Thank you Gerlan <3.
SpaceCheefo: Purple, kush, or sour diesal?
Gita: Grand Daddy Purp and Kush!
SpaceCheefo: Whats your fav color?
Gita: Oh Oh I have a lot I love Yellow.
 SpaceCheefo: How long you’ve been rapping for?
Gita: All my life, I’ve self expressed myself through poetry or friends and fam so my
whole life.
SpaceCheefo: Odd Future or Chris Brown? Ray J or Fab? Do you believe “2012” is real? Shwag or Trill?
 Gita: I love Chris Breezy I had his first album before it even came out lol. I actually love all the people you named lol Ray J from the Brandy show come on Fab a G and Odd Future are almost like the hottest Idiot savant’s ever…..Do I believe 2012 the world ending is real? Possibly due to global warming. Trill alwayss.
SpaceCheefo: What’s a word that you use all the time?
Gita: Uber
SpaceCheefo: How many tattoos do you have? If Any Which one’s your favorite?
Gita: I actually have two only one is visible on my wrist which is my huge favorite and the other one is in a naughty place :).
SpaceCheefo: 2Pac or Biggie?
Gita: Both,Lyrically when it comes to Fashion taste Biggie off top.
SpaceCheefo: Crips or Bloods?
Gita: I’m from Cali and I’ve been raised round both crips & bloods. I could
never choose sides, but I almost did cause my favorite color is red.
SpaceCheefo: Favorite Band? Favorite Rapper, current favorite song?
Gita: I don’t have fav Bands or Rappers I’ve listened to much different genres to say. Current song I honestly do not have one.
SpaceCheefo: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Gita: Stepping on grapes in Sicily making vino (wine) with Anderson Cooper or Oprah lol.
SpaceCheefo: What projects are you currently working on?
Gita: As of right now I am working on a lot of here and there
type projects I’m listening to the wind right now before I annouce the my next big project.
SpaceCheefo: What advice would you give aspiring female artist?
Gita: Be yourself and don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone to pursue a dream just be realistic with the choices you make. Surround yourself with ambitious people it’s contagious.
SpaceCheefo: Shwag You The Fxçk Out!!! Thank you so much for the interview big things soon come for you!
Gita: Thank you so much for the opportunity once again XOOXOX. S/O to the whole CλЯŦΞ BLДИCHΞ ₡BMG!!!


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